Outline of Nature’s main Military Command Structure components – – > The SCIENCE WAR thought command areas


Levels of symbolic brain expression

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (EARTH Lab) project has a few names:
– Recapture of Planet Earth
– Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth)
– Solar System 370 and the subset Computer EARTH processing WAR machine

Given the larger context mentioned above….we have the EARTH Lab science wars with human participants. Everyone is involved….that is why individuals must understand the situation.

Nature’s military does not accept the excuse –> ” I didn’t know about the SCIENCE WARS; besides I am innocent, its their fault”. Pointing fingers at others implies that your MIND is part of a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness …a large group of people who fail to try to understand simple societal structural concepts. Thus the group members point fingers at other groups ..with some flimsy explanation about conflict situations.

It’s a NICE theatrical performance of innocence……that William Shakespeare described around year 1600
–> The world’s a stage and we are the players.

Today–> The world’s an atomic stage and we are the Margaret Mead nuclear family atomic social players. . .

The SCIENCE WARS began around 1990 / 1995.  The subject was mentioned before then; but the name didn’t become well known until the 1995 time period. However, if we consider history, Galileo was involved in an astronomy SCIENCE WAR with the church in 1616 ….and then in 1632 it became a serious problem for Galileo. Thus the conflicts and debates have existed under different proper noun labels.

For our purpose …1990/1995  and the start of the SCIENCE WARS with the main boxing match……duking it out with Duke University and New York math intellectuals.  Both gave a great perfomance  ……to distract the reading audience from the FIX,   the SET-UP.    The New Times newspaper may explain it ..someday.

For a simplicity we have several major wars underway:
1) Science wars
2) Neuroscience Wars  and the evolution of  Brain Radio
3) the Integer math wars –> INTERNET wars
4) the Biology math wars –> BLOG war zone
. . . . Below, these are explained with more detail and examples. Also described, some additional types of wars for control of the human symbolic brain….and the soul of abstract thinking man.

1) general title: Science wars

2) then the evolution of the Science wars into the expanded Neuro.Science WARS.

Neuroscience has many hidden secrets….including the evolution of brain cells with brain radio. The music group RADIO HEAD, TALKING HEADS,   and other groups provide clues to this secret social/business bio-communication method of humans. But what else is new?

Nero burned ancient ROME …and Nero was the neuroscience leader of those ancient times….using the secrets of brain radio, body languages, cotton dress styles and color language codes, music languages, etc…..are all input commands to the human brain computer.

The modern version of Nero (years 2005 thru 2009) was the University of Wisconsin and Madison city council SMOKE SIGNAL….the issue about smoking in nightclubs, etc. This was a SMOKE SCREEN for the real biochemistry brain SIGNAL:

Nero burned Rome …parallel pointer ….
Neurotransmitters burned Madison brain cells…with the additional consequence SIGNAL…that is…. Alzheimer’s brain symbolic computer memory gets burned-out.

3) the INTEGER math life ….math war zone on the math life INTEGER NET….known as the INTERNET. The usage of the INTERNET as a symbolic war tool has been effective. Billions of people have had their optical nerve/symbolic brain programmed with symbolic implants. Of course, television and radio still program people’s computer brains ..a process started around 1950.

4) the BIOLOGY WAR uses copper wire computers to control biology computers.
The BIOLOGY WAR uses the subset word BLOG WAR….and we know from high-school algebra …that the: BLOG wars involves B + LOG = Base Logarithms.

Repeating the above word: BIOLOGY –>  7 alphabet symbols.
Taking a algebra subset… B…LOG –> Base log –> base logarit(hms) of TIME from Logan,Utah.
The astrophysics agent was sent to CALTECH to do TIME calculations.

The other view of the atomic word: bioLogy –> 7 alphanumeric symbols, with math subset ….Logy –> Log y
Thus 2-leg adult structures that deny the existence of math life…. in essence, deny they are biological life forms. WHAT are they?

WHO are you? Are you a man? More precisely ….. are you a mantissa of logarithms with a characteristic character?

Nature’s brain audit team is here; play safe, learn high school logarithms.

Since we are math life …. logarithmic structures …in humanoid format…..the internet computer BLOG easily identifies amongst billions of users….who is serious and who is nonsense. Nature and the EARTH government has plans for nonsense humans.
What is serious? Well, one can see the pattern that serious people are those that can explain what is happening.. . . at various levels of: Sartre existentialism or Carl Jung collective unconsciousness or James Joyce stream of consciousness or Logan, Utah astrophysics logarithmic agents or Manhattan physics project of Man = Mantissa logarithm social/business life

5) President Eisenhower mentioned the new symbolic WAR tools…with the 1961 announcement about the –> Military Industrial Complex of complex math variables of brain military math projects. Thus we see the U.S.Army math war in 1970 with the S.I.Hayakawa book “(math)Language in Thought and in Action”.
The 1970 Sterling Hall bombing in Madison at the Army Math Research center…..is such an expression of complex math life. The 4 DNA nucleotides of math used 4 humans as bio-vehicles to carry out the mathematical-physics message to physics theorists around the world. But that message about the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear social anthropology war was ignored.

6) the atomic English language ….such as the battle at Virginia TECH

7) The DNA nucleotides (T, A, G) are 1 of 64 codons …thus the the…. pen.TAG.on……….is really a DNA military group.

The 4 nucleotides in DNA are: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine. The military Pen.TAG.on DNA is: Thymine, Adenine, Guanine.

This is TOP-SECRET….don’t tell a soldier he has DNA nucleotides.
Does the FORT HOOD Soldier READ Center have a college biochemistry TEXTBOOK ..like those of DNA messenger biochemistry MAJOR Hasan?

8) North Pole magnetic data field LIFE…and the shooting battle at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb….a magnetic field message for iron Hemoglobin protein intellectuals with self-awareness.

9) Gravity LIFE formats such as Milwaukee Jake G. = universal gravitational constant WAR casualty.

10) EM = Electro.Magnetic life of human EM = EM.ployees and EM = EM.bassy  social-physics diplomats

11) Base 16 hexadecimal military formats…such as the LUNG oxygen ato(M) 16 and its military expressions using U.S.ARMY lung soldiers and the atomic M-16 hexadecimal rifle with General DP = General Data Processing represented by an atomic bio-physics humanoid named General DP = David Petraus.
The Jerry March book ” Advanced Organic Chemistry ”  with Nature’s organic molecule governmental agent if humanoid format …was Petraeus. Huamnoid agent is comprised of  physical organic molecules and their symbolic thoughts …hence, the identifier:
Petraeus = Petr + tra –> petroleum trap   AND  with   Jerry March’s advise …….. took U.S.ARMY organic soldiers to MARCH in the  Jerry/Gerrymander/rigged   hydrocarbon WAR region of IRAQ.

12) Thus the list goes on.

The phrase “The WORLD is a stage and we are the players”  –> YOU are a player!

Thus what is going on inside you?
You have a few clues. Very few.

You are are biological computer…….a PC –> Person Computer.
Your consciousness, awareness, expressable knowledge is like an iceberg above water.


Your Carl Jung collective unconsciousness WAR ZONE is part of the hidden iceberg….

like the Carl Jung battle in Milwaukee with the wounding of policeman Nor.berg (agent North Ice Berg)
the Carl Jung battle in West Allis  with Mayor Barrett  between  anthropology agent Anthony.  Police Chief JUNG is the “MAN  and his symbols”
the Cole Hall (the COLE collective of students) Ocean class shooting SIGNAL about George Orwell 1984 OCEANIA propaganda war.
A very complex SIGNAL……involving Herbert Spencer, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Carl Jung and the Navy U.S.S.COLE incident correlated with the COLE HALL Oceanography class…….all these clues are ignored by the CITIZENS, institutions and universities. Speaking of complex signals, I am reminded of the Carl Sagan book: CONTACT.
Thus we have a VIEW……we see the obvious ….but the remainder of Nature’s communications sytems requires study and facts. How much is obvious?

EXAMPLE of how Nature works.
Search Result – What percent of an iceberg is below water Snow and Ice question: What percent of an iceberg is below water? 80-85.

wiki.answers› Meteorology and Weather › Snow and Ice question: Why is 90 percent of an iceberg is under water? …

How much of an iceberg is visible above the water line
Roughly only one eighth of an iceberg can be seen above water.
The remaining … wiki.answers.com › Meteorology and Weather › Snow and Ice

Thus we have Nature’s signals ……
water molecule –> Watergate ,  Hinckley & Schmitt  and Hinckley Springs bottled water with President Reagan, and President Clinton ( Wisconsin and)   and Whitewater (Wisconsin).

weather –> The 1968 Chicago Democratic Convent sriots and the Wheter/Weather man

SNOW –> Snow jobs and the secret secretary of Treasury: SNOW (with C.P. Snow physics money) 

iceberg = ice + Berg –> expand words = police Norberg (Milwaukee agent)


The Navy ought know that they only understand the surface VENEER of an event…..the obvious, visible percent of the U.S.S.Cole and ought think about the iceberg analogy. The Navy ought hire some more biased intellectuals that can give a Hollywood manipulated version of REALITY.

The world is a vast PUZZLE.
One ought not assume that they know all the pieces of the atomic/astophysics continuum PUZZLE. Margaret Mead atomic anthropology and atomic political science uses atomic human messengers. This requires a more basic science understanding of life. For the moment, high school algebra, plane geometry , chemistry of atoms and chemistry LAB class, basic physics equations and PSSC physics LAB would suffice. A good start for the brain up-grade needed by citizens and their representatives in Washington,DC and in state governments. The EARTH government is taking over the WORLD ….. and needs less CITIZEN bragging talk and more ACCURATE social engineering process control EXPLANATIONS. The EARTH social engineering signals are everywhere. Do you recognize them?


CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com


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